Buried – Untitled (Between Thought and Expression) #01

> Buried – Untitled is a series part of the “Buried” project. Three copies of the same print have been buried in different soils, for the same period of time, in different places. Once unburied, the papers, modified by humidity, weight and microorganisms who left traces on the surface and the structure of the sheets, are signed with GPS coordinates and framed.

3 inkjet prints on Hahnemuhle paper, 26 x 37 cm each, earth, soil, glass, wood, 2018.
Ongoing project, 2018.

GPS: 45°51’40.2″N 11°47’08.1″E – 45°53’41.4″N 11°41’28.0″E – 45°48’22.1″N 11°50’36.4″E